Price: $19.95


85 mins

Keywords: Bondage, leather straps, panty gag, large ball gag, fucking machine, orgasms, male dominant, female sub, electricity play with tens unit, steal pussy hook, nipple clamps, clover clamps, leash, posture collar, knockout, secretary, lot's of struggling, blowjob & sex scene, heavy groping, breast fondling & torture, spreader bar, chain, stockings, garters, corsets, on screen cinching, drool, lingerie, upskirt peeks, leather 6 inch calf boots, leather gloves, leather corset, 6 inch stilettos, spanking, verbal domination, strip tease, elbows together, vibrator, & penetration

Description: While finishing some paper work for her boss, Jewell finds herself struggling in his arms as he wrestles her to the ground and begins to remove her blouse and have his way with her. Her captor takes his time with the sexually inexperienced girl and decides to make her "first time" a moment she will always remember. Jewell's tormentor uses multiple devices to torture her breasts, pussy, ass, and entire body as she is kept bound and helpless in his secret dungeon. Poor Jewell discovers she is not going to get out of her predicament, so she endures a pussy hook being inserted inside her, clover clamps pinching her nipples tightly, a machine that pumps her and fucks her, and then she knows she has to endure the "real thing!"


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